St Martins Nursery was formerly an infant school and is set in nearly ¾ of an acre of land. We operate within 3 rooms and children have access to an enclosed outdoor play area with soft flooring. We are currently updating our outdoor area to include an exciting new forestry area.

Our main aims for your child are to:-

  • Create a safe, happy and stimulating environment
  • Treat each child with individual care and attention
  • Help your child develop an enquiring mind
  • Enable your child to confidently mix with peers and adults within the nursery
  • Promote good manners, politeness and a tolerance of the views of others
  • Provide learning facilities and opportunities to make such learning fun
  • Children are encouraged to make their own decisions helping build self-esteem and confidence

We aim to develop a good working relationship with parents taking their wishes and concerns into account and strive to create a situation where all of our staff work together as a team to the best of their abilities.

Our nurseries care for children from birth to 8 years, where we provide a caring, safe and stimulating environment.
Every child has their own personal profile and this is a record of the child’s development which you as parents can see and discuss at anytime.

Worried about settling your child in? Don’t be!

All new children are offered a ‘settling in period us. The child’s needs are assessed depending on whether your child is used to nursery care or being away from the parents. You may be asked to stay on their first day and this can be from 10 minutes or up to 1 hour depending on your child’s needs. We aim to lead up to a full session by the end of the week. There is no charge for this ‘settling in’ period and we have found that is a sensitive and effective way of introducing children to our care for both the child and the parent.


“Leaving my baby was one of the hardest I have ever made. It did not take him long to settle in at all and then I knew I had made the best decision. In just a few short weeks he made excellent progress and was a very happy baby.” Parent

“Welcoming right from the start. The room was bright, spacious and safe. The perfect environment to leave your most precious possession.” Parent

“I was recommended to St. Martins by a colleague and I’m so happy that I chose St. Martins” Parent

“The management team are fully committed to driving improvement in the provision. They encourage staff to reflect on how they can improve their group rooms and support them to access training to further develop skills to meet the needs of the children. Safeguarding children is a high priority for all staff working in the nursery.” Ofsted 08/12/2014

“Staff’s teaching is very effective, as they are skilled at using routine events and group times to promote children’s confidence and communication skills.” Ofsted 08/12/2014

“The calm but industrious environment that staff develop, provides children with interesting and extensive indoor and outdoor spaces and activities which cover all areas of learning.” Ofsted 08/12/2014

“Children grow in confidence as they make choices for themselves and develop their self-help skills. The atmosphere is calm and children show kindness to one another.” Ofsted 08/12/2014